Performance coaching is less about comfy chats, and more about raising awareness during performance.

conference speaking

Oympic & Paralympic athletics coach Keith Antoine’s focus is on performance improvement, of individuals and teams.

A 10 year career in the IT industry, working through growth and decline, mergers and acquisitions, redundancies and recession, for UK and multi-national organisations gives him an understanding of corporate issues.

His coaching skills, honed through 6 Olympic and Paralympic Games are now used in organisations for executive coaching, coaching leaders to really manage performance, and coaching teams to work together effectively.

He is the author of ‘Working Together’.  He is currently on the team preparing for the Rio 2016 Paralympics.  These things combined, give Keith the talent to deliver interactive, thought-provoking, humorous presentations producing much more than feel-good sporting anecdotes. Keith delivers tailored messages, challenging each person in the audience to think and generate ideas with a willingness and commitment to execute them, which is how you begin to impact performance.